Rosie Davis, Tim Davies, Adrian Farmer:

Rosie Davis was born and grew up amid the hot Liverpool musical scene, and played and sang folk music and bluegrass with her brothers Rod amd Bernie. While at Quarry Bank School Rod was a member of the Quarrymen, and Rosie remembers John Lennon coming round for tea [more about the Quarrymen]. Always a dancer she learned Lancashire clog-dancing in the 1960s and later Appalachian clogging. In the 1970s she moved to London and played with Webb's Wonders, and then in the Armadillos, the Bluegrass Ramblers and Townends Special Bluegrass Service (with Rick Townend).

In the 1980s and 90s she was a member of folk super-group Sisters Unlimiited, with Peta Webb, Janet Russell and Sandra Kerr; the band made two CDs:
* No Limits (Harbourtown)
* No Bed of Roses (Fellside)

In 2001, Rosie met Lilly Drumeva [see Lilly's website], who was then living in England, and they formed a trio Lilly & Rosie, with Rick Townend. In 2002 they toured in mainland Europe and made a six-track CD 'the Lily and the Rose'; Lilly is now back in Sofia, where she has a national radio program.

Rosie plays bass, autoharp, banjo (frailing style) and guitar. She writes songs and this, with her singing and clogging, has made a great mark on all the bands she performs with. She is also a dance-caller. Contact her on 01580 201203 or rosie@ros [nb please leave out the space when using this email address]

As well as music, Rosie teaches and gives workshops in music, dancing and visual arts, and with her company Integrated Arts runs projects and gives consultancy advice in the 'Arts & Disability' and 'Arts and Health' fields.

Tim Davies started playing banjo in 1965, with school group the Bayleys Hill Boys, and later played double bass and banjo with the Echo Mountain Band, and Polka Dot & the Moonbeams. As well as playing with Bluegrass Experience, he also plays jazz bass with the Black Cat Rhythm Band.

Tim's banjo playing tends to the traditional in bluegrass, with Ralph Stanley a particular model, though he also admires greatly the playing of Eddie Adcock. Tim is also a principle contributor in the presentation of the band's show, and is a great entertainer.

Tim and his wife Heidi run the Chiddingstone Cider Company, for which Bluegrass Experience usually include a commercial jungle in their show.

Contact Tim re Cider/Jazz bookings on 01732 455977

Adrian Farmer also learned banjo at an early age, playing with Gerry Williams in the Bluegrass Band with Roger Churchyard on fiddle. Later, he he moved to Holland and played banjo, guitar, mandolin and dobro with Spruce Pine and the Stroatklinkers, with whom he recorded several albums [more about them]. He also started making high quality musical instruments, which he has built for some of the top names in the bluegrass world.

In the 1990s Adrian returned to the UK and played (again with Gerry) in WFTW Bluegrass Jamboree, and then the Deep River Band, who recorded an album featuring mandolin solos from Jummy Gaudreau, and toured twice in America. Adrian himself toured in the UK and Europe with Jimmy and Richard Bennett.

Now Adrian works mainly building very high quality household wood fittings; he still comes out to play sometimes though - keep watching the gig listings!