Rick is an experienced tutor and workshop-leader, for beginners, and also for players honing their skills:

Banjo (bluegrass and old-time); Fiddle; Guitar; Mandolin; Autoharp; Dobro; Bass; Appalachian Dulcimer; Working in a Band; Harmony Vocals; Performance Tips.
Rick's workshops are usually multi-level - advanced players are often interested in revisiting the problems experienced by people who are just starting out, and it's also good for beginners to see the kind of things they will be getting to grips with later on. He will usually ask participants for points they'd like addressed during the workshop, and there will also be some playing together; he does not usually work by teaching a particular tune unless this is particularly requested.

One-to-one teaching:
Rick will give a one-to-one advice/tutorial session of 1-2 hours, depending on personal need.
He does not usually give regular weekly lessons - everybody learns at a different pace. a 'one-off master-class' is often more helpful to get over some specific hurdle or hurdles.

'A Way in to Bluegrass Banjo' - a guide for beginners and lots of hot tips for players
'Bluegrass Your Fiddle' - a series of articles written originally for British Bluegrass News
Jazz chords - some basic help' - a series of articles written originally for the Tun.Wells Bluegrass Club Newsletter
All available from Rick Townend, St Julians, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0RX - £5 each

Rick has recorded a series of multimedia CDs with Homeplace Records, entitled 'Just the Tune', with the aim of helping beginners to learn tunes and start playing. Each CD contains eleven tunes, played at medium pace, and with the first time through at least keeping to the basic tune and introducing variations and decorations only later; track 1 of each CD can be used in a windows-based PC to print out music and tablature of the simple tune for banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, tenor banjo and Appalachian dulcimer (fiddlers can use the standard music notation). There is also an introductory section about playing each instrument in bluegrass and old-timey styles. More details at www.homeplace.org.uk

Rick's band Grassroots have also recorded a CD 'All Traditional' with Homeplace - arrangements of twelve traditional bluegrass/old-time songs; like 'Just the Tune' these CDs can be used in a windows-based PC to print out vocal harmony arrangements. see www.homeplace.org.uk

Contact Rick at: St Julians, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0RX
Tel: 01732 458261 / 07570 994681
Email: rick.town end@gmail.com [NB please remove the space in this email address before using - it is only there to try and prevent 'spam']


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